Eyebrow techniques offered at Feather Perfection

Micro Feathertouch, also known as Feathering, Microblading, Micro Stroke & Embroidery, is small “feather” like strokes to mimic brow hair. This is achieved with a microblade containing 9 or more fine pins. Pigment penetrates these strokes leaving you with a natural eyebrow. Micro Feathertouch is perfect for those who want more fullness & shape while staying natural. Not suitable for extremely oily, thin, ruddy or overly mature skin types.

Blade & Shade and Signature Combination brows, also known as Hybrid, use two techniques to achieve the look just with different levels of shading. Blade & Shade involves the brow being microbladed nearly the full way through and then lightly shaded with a digital tattoo machine through the tail only. Signature Combination involves the brows being micobladed to the arch and then shaded the second half. Both techniques have the shading blending into the strokes. With these two techniques you get the best of both worlds. They are still very natural and pretty, however, slightly more defined and dramatic.

Signature Combination is our most popular technique. Amanda prides herself on giving you the most natural looking brows and she has a lot of clients coming to her for this reason.

Micro Feathertouch

The last technique is a full powder brow, also known as Ombre. This is achieved with the tattoo machine only and is a fully shaded look. Amanda saves this technique for those who have extremely oily skin, who don’t hold colour well, or have a previous tattoo done elsewhere and this is the only option. You may recognise the term Ombre, as it has been a very popular hair dying technique, the same technique applies when using it on your eyebrows. Shading is darker at the end tip and gradually going lighter to the front of the brow.

Do you spend a good portion of your morning penciling in your brows? Imagine being able to walk straight out the door. So many of my clients say they wish they had taken the leap sooner. Don’t be them!

All cosmetic tattoo procedures are semi- permanent. For initial brows, each technique requires 2, sometimes 3, sessions space 6-12 weeks apart. After this, all procedures require maintenance anywhere between 6 – 18 months depending on your skin type, skincare and lifestyle. Visit our prices page for touch up costs.

Still not sure which technique is for you? If you would like more information or would like to speak to Amanda about the procedure, please go to the contact us.